Terms and Conditions to the oil and gas delivery process

Currently in the market situation we at Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects S.L. accept only the Payment guarantee as followed base:


The payment terms are therefore based on the specified Pegasus SCO/FCO guidelines to down payment to be made via SWIFT MT103 to the Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects S.L. account. Another reason for that is the Pegasus production base, these are not secondary market tankfarm or broker goods but primary market production contingents of partner refineries.


Payment terms of a financial instrument DLC, LC, SBLC, BG is not accepted on Pegasus side for the execution of deliveries due to the current international oil and gas market situation and with regard to the force majeure regulations regarding the War situation between Russia and Ukraine.


Note, on this deposit payment base we by Pegasus would be open to discuss with the end buyer to the refinery partner data after a period of 6 months stable cooperation and not to before.


Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects S.L. will committed to mitigate all risks involved into customer delight and fulfil all applicable requirements.


Mission: The building serious and stable value by delivering high quality products to the Pegasus customers in innovative and cost effective ways. This mission is achieved by setting the highest standards in service, reliability, safety and cost containment in our industry.


Objective: To achieve and exceed customer expectations, and strive to fulfill the highest integrity in a highly demanding market.


Quality: Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects S.L. and the Pegasus group is dedicated to delivery and produce high quality products exceeding our customers’ expectations. Pegasus testing each products with a SGS cooperation laboratory uses the
latest technology. The laboratory uses state of the art equipment and follows the latest standards set for mechanical and physical testing. The Pegasus group as well as Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects S.L. ensures that the quality of the products complies with international standards, as Pegasus ensures that European standards are met during manufacturing.


Building progressive Partnerships: The Pegasus group as a global player with local expertise combine high-quality products, smart solutions and great service to enable to the Pegasus customers to reach their goals. In close collaboration with Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects SL customers, Pegasus develop advanced products and solutions to meet their specific needs, always aiming to exceed expectations. Pegasus help to satisfy the Pegasus customers’ needs by supplying the resources, services and high-quality input materials they require to deliver on their promises and meet challenging market developments. Progressive partnerships and long term relationships with Pegasus customers create optimum products, which help to improve performance and ultimately Pegasus customers’ business.

Thank you for your time and interest in a serious and stable lcooperation with Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects S.L.





Professional oil and gas business experience from Mr. Pauli since 2001

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