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We, as directly sellers, act exclusively according to our salesperson guidelines and our factors. The offer's from us is not negotiable. If this is not acceptable to a buyer, no FCO and SPA cooperation can be implemented.
Buyers must be officially registered by us to be approved for CIF or TTO delivery to the port of discharge.
Our accepted procedure to Payment guarantee and Payment terms as beneficiary to buyer's is:
• Payment guarantee by buyer prime Top50 bank or AA Bank with MT760 SBLC irrevocable, Non-transferable, operativ for 13 months to us as beneficiary, created only for the first month of product delivery.
• Payment via SWIFT MT-103 within 3 working days after arrival at the CIF port of the DIP & PAY procedure
• Payment via SWIFT MT-103 upon arrival at the port of the DIP & PAY procedure and unloading upon previous delivery of a buyer TSA from the port of arrival.
or possible;
• Many buyers now in favor of the STS (ship-to-ship) handling as bunkering base since the tank storage cost can be avoided. Payment via SWIFT MT-103 within 3 bank work day after DIP test on bord on buyer cost.
This means the buyer is insured with the MT-760 SBLC after sending BTB (bank-to-bank) and we as seller and beneficiary of the buyer MT-760 SBLC send after receive the buyers bank finance instrument our 2% PB to buyer bank BTB.
Thus 100% security of the buyer for the financial instrument and moreover payment only after arrival at the port of destination and DIP test on site.
To new clients we accept to first order handling or procedure guidelines with the 30/70 base and after the registration by us and first order calculation the new customer can processing with our above standard payment procedure.
Our clients act as Re-seller or independent Major together with us and our logistics teams.
The company’s chief executive director is Markus Pauli, who alone is fully liable as a legal entity. This German company chief director format is a commercial register entry (IHK) not necessary as with a GmbH or other statute.
In case you have further questions, feel free to get in contact with us or directly with our autorisated seller mandator with German, Russian and English language skills in Germany (autorisated letter is with our Letterhead and signature of our company Chief Director Markus Pauli only valid) as note.
We only deal with written inquiries, which indicates potential customers with complete company data.
We as the seller of the cargo in question, are acting according to internationally accepted standards for CIF deliverable refined oil products, while any costs and taxes based ex-loading port are always on our account. Any costs or taxes associated with the discharge of the cargo are the duty and responsibility of the buyer, in the same way is the buyer responsible for all locally required licensing and port or customs clearance. In this context, it is a clear that the CIF or TTO delivery takes place as a transit business as far as the seller is concerned. European VAT and/or taxation is the responsibility of the buyer.
We will not act if any clients contact us with any such  as free internet providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and so on ...
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