Biomass products:

1.- Industry fuel wood pellets:
Quantity monthly 5000 MT up to 50,000 MT. 
Delivery per bulk or 1000 Kg big bags
CIF destination port calculation base


2.- Industry fuel wood chips:
Quantity monthly 10,000 MT up to 100,000 MT 
CIF destination port calculation base 


3.- Energy wood pellets:
ENplus A1 and/or DINplus A1 and/or A2 En B Pine and/or Spruce wood pellets, Packing 15 kg bags and 1000 Kg big bags or per bulk. Quantities monthly min. orders 1000 MT up to 30,000 MT. CIF destination port calculation base.


Payment modalities: EUR (point 1-3)


Payment guidelines: IBAN transfer European bank prefer (!) -or Prime bank SWIFT MT103


All of Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects S.L. listed and offered industrial wood pellets and woodchips are FSC certified and the ENplus and/or DINplus A1 as well as A2 En B wood pellets comply with the current European RED II regulation.

We at Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects S.L. can confirm with our production partners of the production process that the certification of the following criteria exist:
FSC certification
PEFC certification
Any other leading certification systems for responsible forestry and CoC


Biomass product of Palm Kernell Shell's (PKS)
Order: min. 10,000 MT up to 30,000 MT monthly possible.
Calculation: FOB Indonesia

PKS Specification: 
Gross Calorie Value: 4.200-4.500 Kcal
Moisture: 14-20% (Maximum 20% due to rain)
Impurities: <3% (Maximum 3%)
Ash Content: <3% (Maximum 5%)
Size: 4-20mm
Sulfur: <1% (Maximum 1%)


Payment modalities: USD

Payment guidelines: IBAN transfer European bank prefer (!) -or Prime bank SWIFT MT103

If you are interested in this listed Biomass options, do not hesitate to contact us to received our procedures and payment guidelines.




Professional oil and gas as well as biomass business experience from Mr. Pauli since 2001

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