The Pegasus Group have several years of Experience in both Local and International sale Trade area (Markus Pauli personally since 2001) and Pegasus excel in each of these activities. Whether a buyer party are looking to Biomass or oil and gas products, the Pegasus Group have the right connection as directly seller with our production and refinery partner to help official buyer`s (not Broker's) succeed.

We help international buyer's achieve the goal by optimising the Pegasus group requirement with minimal time on offer's output if a buyer accept our guidelines and procedures to deliveries.                                                                                                                                                                            

Risk management, systems and controls: The business by Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects S.L. is built upon understanding and managing risk. Its ownership structure incentivises the preservation of capital and a measured approach to risk, and creates a culture of responsibility.


Code of conduct: 
The Ref-Code each our Offer's as SCO/FCO format and of Conduct outlines factors Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects S.L. principles of respect and responsibility for international delivery's.
Quality Policy:
Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects S.L. is committed to serving its customers through,
• Consistent and reliable quality
• Consistent and timely deliveries
• Competitive market prices
• Safe and healthy environment

Our international team are our business: 
Our company’s value derives ultimately from official buyer not from internet Brokern. Our expertise, innovation, drive and relationships is stable and seriouse for the development of our business.

For all these reasons and for data protection, it is always pointed out that Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects S.L., as direct seller, reseller, do not disclose the Pegasus sources of supply and production sources as well as refinery access to any buyer in advance. After a long-term relationship of purchases with Pegasus from a buyer, Pegasus are ready to disclose the production contacts after a time frame of buyer orders that has at least a purchase basis of minimum 6 months. In general, Pegasus reject suggestions, e.g. to sign an NCNDA, etc., as Markus Pauli Pegasus Projects S.L. act as direct sellers, resellers and product owners with products that do not exist on the accessible market, but are always manufactured by Pegasus after orders from buyers and the Pegasus business philosophy does not intended as a broker and therefore NCNDA's etc. are not acceptable to Pegasus.


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